New Horizons in children's literature

We are starting a new series of short videos featuring publishers, authors (illustrators and writers) and projects on children's literature around the world. 

I decided to call this series "New Horizons in Children's Literature", inspired by the New Horizons Award at Bologna Book Fair, which is one of my favourite awards for children's books. These books are the ones that break rules and set new narratives. They are mostly made by independent, brave publishers that do not underestimate the capacities of young readers, the way they see our diverse world. 

We have been working with these sort of books and with these beautiful,  independent publishers for quite long now, so it will be a pleasure to bring them altogether to you in a digital form. 

We have a fantastic art editor for the series: Cynthia Alonso. She's not only an outstanding illustrator, but also a funny, witty new colleague. 

Cynthia has a strong passion for children literature and her images are full of life, vibrant colors, tenderness and curiosity. Based in Berlin since 2016 she works from her tiny studio for worldwide clients. Check here for more! 

So follow our first feature soon!: Edition Bracklo

We hope you enjoy it!

Mariela Nagle & the mundo azul team  

New Horizons in children's literature