Pop-up UK and 10 stories to make a difference

Our new window in September: "10 stories to make a difference", a collection of Pop-Up UK and the final work of a wonderful project with diverse voices: Pathways UK. 
We celebrate diversity through the work of real diverse authors and illustrators, with a wonderful exhibition of these books. 
10 Stories to Make a Difference is a collection of ten original illustrated stories for young readers, all inspired by the theme of Difference. The collection features a mix of well-known and emerging writers and illustrators, giving a platform to untold stories and diverse new voices. Proceeds from sales supports Pop Up’s work in deprived schools, marginalised communities, and with talented aspiring and emerging writers and illustrators.
Check the books in our online shop! https://mundoazul.de/search?type=product&q=pop-up+uk 
Pop-up UK and 10 stories to make a difference